Science Club

Little House of Science is a weekly project based science workshops for kids where they can learn about Life, Earth, Physical and Engineering topics! Come and learn about Space, The Heart- our pumping machine, Gravity, Motion, the Importance of Bees and Birds, Machines and how they are built, as well as Great Scientists such as Galileo, Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Newton!

OFFERED: Tuesday 16:15 for 4-7 years old and 17:10 for 8-12 years old.

SIGN UP: Please email to book your trial



Science Club Instructor, Tim

What do you enjoy about teaching at 3HC?

The great and funny questions and answers kids come out with.

What do you do for fun?

Write scripts for shows and science plans.

What was your favourite snack or cereal when you were young?

Coco Pops!

What is one of your favourite parks, restaurants or cafes in the city?

Too many to list really, as this is London. I have a few in Brighton, Edinburg (as I perform at the Fringe).