Easter School Break Workshops

for children from 3 to 11 years old

at 3 House Club, St. John's Wood, London


If you are looking for the school break activities in St. John's Wood (drop-offs), we offer flexible camp services and specific workshops:

Winnie-the-Pooh and Creative Illustrations with Creativity Art Workshops, 4-9 yrs old 

¨Walking with Dinosaurs¨ Giants of the lost Valley with Creativity Art Workshops, 4-9 yrs old 

dinosaurus workshop.png

Tue, 29/05, 10-3pm

Join us on a journey back in time to know about Dinosaurs and Giants of the Lost Valley, exploring the extraordinary world of prehistoric animals. 

We´ll build a fantastic time machine to travel to their habitat and see their customs and conducts.

Come and meet the kings of the past of the animal world


Craft: making your own aquarium

Tuesday, 29th May, 11:00 to 13:00, 4-6 years old: make your own aquarium

make your own aquarium

Around the world in eighty Days ¨Big Mural Maps¨

with Creativity Art Workshop, 4-9 yrs old 

map 2.png

Wed, 30/05, 10-3pm

This Jules Verne´s story starts in London on Tuesday, 1 October 1872. We´ll create a fantastic magic world where 5 hours camp will turn into a trip of 80 days around the world.

New York, Hong Kong, Bombay, Egypt across Mediterranean Sea, Indian Ocean, South China Sea, Pacific and Atlantic Ocean!!

Join us to this amazing trip with Fogg and his friend Passepartout!!! Lets sail!!!

¨Puppet Shadows Theatre¨and Drawing Creative Pillows with Creativity Art Workshop, 4-9 yrs old 

Shadow puppet.png

Thu, 31/05, 10-3pm

Puppet Shadow Theatre will be an inspirational experience where we will learn about the science of light and shadow, storytelling and much more!

we´ll create a big screen to bring characters and our own stories to life!!

Also we will decorate our own pillows with characters of these stories!!! Awesome!!!

Workshop with Caterpillar Music

Thursday, 31st May, 10:30 to 12:30, 3-5 years old: craft, dance and drama with Caterpillar

Caterpillar at 3 House Club

Make your own Comic Strip

Thursday, 31st May, 14:30 to 16:30, 6-11 years old, Nassima Saidani

All children are artists.

They draw, play and use their incredible imaginations to create fantasy worlds and characters that are funny or powerful or really, really silly.

A comic strip is a new way to channel their creativity—to capture it in pictures and words.

No doubt you have a refrigerator covered with various works by your child at this very moment.

It’s only as we get older we convince ourselves that our art is “bad.”

When you teach your kids to make a comic strip, a medium where it’s ok for your art to look silly or imperfect or childish, you’ll nurture their creativity and imagination before it gets stamped out.

Creating comics may also help your children develop a love of reading and improve their handwriting, without them even realizing it.


Starting Tuesday, May 29 (inclusive)

Age: 4-6 yrs old

You can choose any day from the range above either from 9:30 to 13:30 or from 13:30 to 17:30. We will take children to one age-appropriate class on the schedule and other three hours would involve indoor/outdoor play-time, craft/art activities/games. The groups will be max 6 children/day.  Please see our schedule here to choose what day of the week you prefer and what slot (morning or afternoon). Kids should bring packed lunch. The fee is £40/day.  Please fill in the form below indicating the dates you are interested and age of your child in the "Message" section.

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