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Physics Masterclass for gifted children with Tomorrow's Achievers

  • 3 House Club Bridgeman Street NW8 7AL United Kingdom (map)

December 3, Sunday, 10:00 – 15:30

The Egg Carrier Challenge (laws of physics)

Age:  Year 3-5 (7-10 yrs old)

Cost: £45.

Have you ever considered how laws of physics impact on our daily lives?  Have you ever thought about the shapes we see around us in all the objects we use every day?  Why are some shapes seen more often than others?  Do some have different strengths?  What are forces?  And why must they be thought about when making a product?   What are the different types of motion that make some things move?

We will look at shapes to see which are strong or weak and look at some of the forces that have to be considered when making an object. Then, we will construct some things using different shapes and, by testing them to destruction, discover which shapes are the strongest.

Now to the challenge!  Working in teams, you will construct a simple cart or capsuleand compete with the other teams to see which one can safely carry an egg, without breaking it, over the greatest distance.   You might even be daring enough to launch a capsule into the air.  But remember you mustn't break the egg.  

When you get home, if your parents agree, you might have a competition with them or local friends to see who can safely carry an egg the furthest. 

Led by Philip Callaghan-Wright