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"My First Story" Creative Writing Workshop-Monday, April 3rd, from 11:00.

  • 3 house club Bridgeman Street London, England, NW8 United Kingdom (map)

‘My First Story’ holiday workshops is series of sessions for first-time story makers! Each workshop is self-contained and designed to inspire creative and critical thinking as we battle dragons, rescue princesses and embark on dangerous quests. Each session brings with it a fresh adventure, where we explore the wonder of our imagination and express it in writing!

Intended for children aged from 6 to 8, we use a varied range of learning styles in order to build confidence and independence in sentence structure, connectives, plot and descriptive writing.

Using storyboard, visual aids and story mountains, this workshop will guide your child through the foundation skills required to master the art of writing a compelling story.
Working collaboratively and independently, we’ll plan our stories, share our ideas, and support our writing with illustrations. We’ll even get the chance to listen to each other’s work and help each other to improve. Come and join us for a My First Story holiday workshop where producing and writing brilliant individual stories is a team effort!

The group is limited to 8 children.

Chelsea Young Writers

Chelsea Young Writers is a team of children's authors that seeks to draw out children’s innate creative streak, allowing them to acquire the art of full and elegant expression on the page. They place priority on channelling their imaginations, but also ensure that they are given the chance to explore engaging themes and inspiring topics in group atmosphere characterised by encouragement and mutual appreciation. That is why their session leaders like nothing more than to see their budding authors read aloud to the group at the end of each workshop.

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