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Creative writing workshop with Chelsea Young Writers

  • 3 House Club Bridgeman Street, London NW87AL United Kingdom (map)

Discover your dragon by creating your very own dragon fact file. Perhaps your dragon has exploded out of a volcano or has slipped through a black hole to come and cause terror on the earth? Prefer something a little gentler, then how about a cloud dragon who controls the weather or a sock dragon who greedily munches through your washing in its hunt for its favourite food ' the smelly sock'?

Draw your dragon's portrait, name it, describe its habitat and create a food menu to keep it happy. Then write the story about the actual moment you meet your dragon…
Will this be the end of you or the beginning of a wonderful friendship?

Join this event on the 27th October, from 11:00-14:00. The workshop is going to be led by Margaret Bateson-Hill, from Chelsea Young Writers. 

The age group is 7-11 years old. 


Chelsea Young Writers 

Chelsea Young Writers teach Creative Writing and Public Speaking skills to children. Their courses and workshops are led by award-winning children’s writers and coaches in London.

Their authors and instructors have proven ability to inspire and enhance children’s creative writing, presentation, and communication skills. What better way can there be to develop creative skills than from those who are experts in the craft?


The price of this workshop is £55/child. All materials will be provided by Chelsea Young Writers. Please book your place at