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4+ Assessment for Top Academic Schools in London

  • 3 House Club Bridgeman Street NW8 7AL United Kingdom (map)

We repeat our two hour workshop on 4+ assessment on Tuesday, September 17, 19:00 to 21:00.

The ticket (£120) is per person. If you would like to come as a couple, the price is £180 - you can make the payment over the phone.

If you have 2-4 yr old child and plan for him/her to sit 4+ assessment, Dr. Maya Cara's workshop is a must for all the parents. Being a Professor in Strategy at UCL, Maya has developed an effective structured approach for parents on how to work with their children to help them flourish academically and socially in the long-term as well as be prepared for the assessment process. The approach proved to work extremely well as both of her own children successfully passed the assessment process at all the top academic schools they applied for (one even being a summer baby!). Now, Maya is also developing an app for the parents, runs private consultations for parents and holds informal pre-assessments for children to identify areas parents need to focus on. For more information you can refer to her website  

The workshop will cover:
1) How to work with the child;
2) What areas to work on and which material to use;
3) How to prepare for the assessment day.

The sessions are £120 per person or £180 per couple. The talk will benefit all the people who spend most of the time with the child and take part in his/her home development. NO CHILDREN please during the event. Places are limited to 10. 

What parents say who attended a previous workshop:

"The seminar on 4+ assessment was great! Very informative, detailed, honest and to the point. I liked the fact that Maya emphasised that all the activities you do with your kids are for their own development and not just for the sake of the 4+ assessment. I will certainly make the most of her suggestions". Francesca, mother of 2 years old.

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