Latino Bambino

For Mums and Babies. Latino Bambino class is a postnatal dance workout where mothers wear their babies in a baby carrier or a sling whilst dancing to a pulsating Latin American tempo.

This a fun and easy cardio workout that burns fat and releases endorphins as well as toning your entire body and providing your baby with stimulation! See the class in action here.

OFFERED: Wednesdays at 14:45

SIGN UP: You can trial the class for £12.90 click here.






Latino Bambino, Urska


Latino Bambino is the brainchild of our head teacher, Urska Gestrin Mosquera, and is a continuation of all the work that she has done in the past.

Urska was a competitive Latin American and Ballroom dancer, and four-time national champion. She is a qualified Latin-American and Ballroom judge (adjudicator), and has over 15 years of experience in teaching dance including salsa.

She has trained children, teenagers and adults for international competitions and during this time raised national champions.

What do you enjoy about teaching at 3HC?
That every session feels like party! 3HC is a cosy family friendly club with members from all around the world that all speak the same language: Dance!  

What do you do for fun?
For Fun I like to dance some more, spend time with my family, watch movies, meet friends,..

What was your favourite snack or cereal when you were young?
As a child of Yugoslavia (there wasn’t much to choose from back then) but I looooved #čokolino cereal (picture baby rice in chocolate flavour)

What is one of your favourite parks, restaurants or cafes in the city?
My favourite park in London is Russia Dock Woodland in Rotherhithe. A hidden green gem in the middle of the city when you need a ‘hideaway’.