After School Clubs for Children Ages 5 - 11


3 House Club is a welcoming, family friendly facility located in St John's Wood, North West London (NW8). Our space is warm and inviting where everyone is comfortably at ease and greeted with a warm welcome.

Offering a range of classes for children from 5 to 11 years old. You can drop off your child to the class and come and pick him/her up later (subject to letting the teacher know that it is a drop off).  If your child attends a school in St. John’s Wood, near the club, we can pick up your child up for you after school, give him/her a snack and then take him/her to the class. 

Here are our after-school clubs:

You can try any of the above classes (to buy a trial for £12.90 click here), afterwards classes cost from £9 to £18 depending on the class package. See details about the prices here. Parents can choose stay with the children during the classes or wait downstairs at the café if the child is happy to stay at the class on his/her own. Please let the teacher know if you are going downstairs.

Remember to use our 3 House Club app to see live schedule and sign in into the classes via your mobile!


Other Events:

School Break (Holiday Camps)
Offering creative, educational workshops over school breaks. Check the schedule for programming.

Reviews of local schools and nurseries: 
We run regular talks with local educational consultants about how the school system works, what are your local options for nurseries and schools, how approach the application process and what to consider the most suitable place for your child. Please email us at info@3HouseClub.comfor more information or buy your ticket here.

Preparation workshops for 4+ assessments for admission to top academic schools: if you're planning to go to a top academic school and you'd like to dedicate time and effort to boost you child's development and prepare for the 4+ assessment, we run a series of workshops that help you prepare for the admission. Email us at for the details for the next coming event or buy your ticket here.

Holiday camps. 3 House Club runs holiday camps during all the nursery breaks (summer, autumn, Christmas, Easter) - please see our schedule here.

Have younger siblings in tow? Our club has a special place to park buggies, nappies changing tables, as well as a lovely café where you can meet your friends over a cup of tea.

We are looking forward to meeting you at 3 House Club, St. John’s Wood, and please drop us a line at if you have any questions.

3 House Club Opening Times:

Monday - Friday from 9:00 - 17:00
Saturday - Classes & Private Events
Sunday - Closed for Private Events