Classes for toddlers at 3 House Club,

St. John's Wood

Your little one is getting more active every day and demands more stimulation, all of which may be exhausting for you. If you are living in St. John’s Wood, Maida Vale or Primrose Hill, 3 House Club is here to help you.

Our classes for toddlers focus not only the physical and intellectual development of your child, but also create an environment where he/she is free to interact with other toddlers, gently preparing your little one for the preschool experience in a few years time.

And what's more, these classes will give you the best chance as a parent to have a (well deserved) break at our café while meeting other local mums and dads.

We offer the following classes for toddlers (1 to 3 years old) - see summary schedule here:

  • Healthy Cooking with Laura, Mondays at 10:00. The good way for your children to cook and taste flavorsome dishes. We believe in the importance of learning the benefits of a healthy balanced diet from a very early age. We will allow your children to use various cooking items, help them to develop their fine motor skills, senses and expand their vocabulary. They will try new flavors, textures and learn through entertainment as it is often a factor for success.
Cooking class at 3 House Club.JPG


  • Yoga for mummy & toddler with Laura, Monday 10:50 - a great start of the week with some yoga for mother and a child.
Yoga for mummy and toddler at 3 House Club NW8.jpg



  • Live music and rhymes, Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:00 and Fridays at 15:15. This class creates a stimulating environment where children are encouraged to explore live music sounds and song whilst interacting with other children of their age group. The class not only stimulates you toddler’s brain development with live music, but also helps build the first steps to speech development via learning the words of classic nursery rhymes in a group context.
 Live Music and Rhymes class for toddlers & mums

Live Music and Rhymes class for toddlers & mums

  •  MiniFootball, Tuesdays at 10:15 – Daniel is one of the favourite teachers among our toddlers. The classes are full of energy, fun and learning techniques to handle the ball even for little ones. Come to boost your toddler body co-ordination skills.
 Minifootball for toddlers with Daniel. 

Minifootball for toddlers with Daniel. 

  • Art and artists for toddlers, Tuesdays at 10:15, and Fridays at 11:15. Our teacher introduces the kids to the great artists and their techniques. The material used during the class range from paint to sand, fabric, clay, cast and even jelly. The class will stimulate fine motor skills and helps to channel emotions through creativity. The class is usually messy and while we provide aprons and paint is washable we suggest to dress appropriately. This is one of the best children's art classes in St. John’s Wood, Maida Vale and Primrose Hill. 
 Art class with Ema

Art class with Ema

  • Ballet, Wednesdays at 9:15 – a soft introduction to the ballet based on Royal Academy of Dance curricular.  Boys and girls learn a gracefulness and musicality.
  • Latino Bambino, Wednesdays at 15:30 – An energetic dance class full of Latin beats combining dance activities and musical fun with colourful props. This class boosts toddlers’ gross motor skills and co-ordination.
  • Thursdays at 9:30 you can join lovely Anita from Caterpillar Music to have fun with babbles, parachute, puppets and signing all together.
 Caterpillar Music

Caterpillar Music

You can try any of the above classes (to buy a trial for £12.90 click here), afterwards classes from £10 to £18 depending on the package. See details about the prices here.  Parents (or nannies) stay with the children during the classes and the more involved you are the more benefit your toddler will take from the activity .

Other educational & networking events at 3 House Club (NW8) for local new parents in St. John’s Wood, Maida Vale & Primrose Hill:

  • Reviews of local schools and nurseries: We run regular talks with local educational consultants about how the school system works, what are your local options for nurseries and schools, how approach the application process and what to consider the most suitable place for your child. Please email us at info@3HouseClub.comfor more information or buy your ticket here.
  • Preparation workshops for 4+ assessments for admission to top academic schools: if you're planning to go to a top academic school and you'd like to dedicate time and effort to boost you child's development and prepare for the 4+ assessment, we run a series of workshops that help you prepare for the admission. Email us at for the details for the next coming event or buy your ticket here.
  • Holiday camps. Remember, we also run holiday camps during all the nursery breaks (summer, autumn, Christmas, Easter) - please see our schedule here.

Our club has a special place to park buggies, nappies changing tables, as well as a lovely café where you can meet your friends over a cup of tea.

Remember to use our 3 House Club app to see live schedule and sign in into the classes!