• Classes for parents in St. John’s Wood, Maida Vale & Primrose Hill

London has so much to offer for adults to stay fit, learn new things and connect with similar-minded people. 3 House Club (St. John’s Wood) stands out by offering you:

  • Convenient timing while children are in school;
  • Crèche service if you have a baby or a toddler (and no help) while you still would like to work out or learn something new. You can book a crèche with us with 24 hours notice (we have OFSTED licence) for your little one.
  • Meet other local parents: 90% of adults joining our classes live in St. John’s Wood, Maida Vale and Primrose Hill.

Here are our classes and talk for parents:

  • Ashtanga Yoga Class for adults with Gabriele, Thursdays, from 12:00-13:15. The class will be free during June and July.  
  • Tuesday at 9:30 or Thursday mornings at 10:15 we (together with NW8 Mums) run various themed coffee mornings for local mums where we invite renowned health or/and parenting experts, including speech therapists, sleeping consultants, potty training experts, local nurseries and more. Please check our EVENTS section to check upcoming themes. Babies and toddlers are welcome. Some events are free some paid.          
  • NCT (www.nct.org.uk) runs a regular two-hours talk called Introducing Solids at 3 House Club (St. John’s Wood) aiming at explaining how to make the transition from breast-mid (or formula) to solid food (covering allergies) step-by-step. Advanced bookings only.
  • Overview of the British school system: We run regular talks with local educational consultants about how the school system works, what are your local options for nurseries and schools, how approach the application process and what to consider the most suitable place for your child. Please email us at info@3HouseClub.com for more information or click here to buy your ticket for the next event.
  • Workshops to prepare for the 4+ assessments for admission to top academic schools:if you're planning to go to a top academic school and you'd like to dedicate time and effort to boost your child's development and prepare for the 4+ assessment, we run a series of workshops that help you prepare for the admission. Email us at info@3HouseClub.com for the details for the next coming event or buy your ticket here.
  • See also our range of prenatal classes for pregnant mums (here) and mums with babies (here).

Extra Service for Parents in St. John’s Wood, Maida Vale and Primrose Hill:

  • Crèche: You can also arrange a crèche up to two hours per day with 24 hours booking if you need time for yourself. We look after babies from 6 weeks and to the children of up to 8 years old.  The babies will have an experienced carer to look after them (one adult per two babies).  There is one adult for three toddlers and one adult for 4-6 children over 4 years old. We change nappies, give snacks/lunches, do creative play and activities to make sure the children have a good time. The carers are experienced and DBS checked. The manager on duty has Paediatric First Aid training.  The fee is £14/hour if you're not a member of our club and £12/hour if you have a pass for parents at the club.
  • After-school pick up: We can also arrange to pick up your child after-school  (from local schools in St. John’s Wood). You can come to collect your child from the club from 17:30 or 18:00. We can offer snacks, help with homework and your child can join one of our after-school clubs (see details here).

Please contact us at info@3HouseClub.com for more information.