Chess Club

This is a beginners class and requires a minimum term commitment.

OFFERED: Saturday at 9:30. Ages 6 Years and Older.

SIGN UP: You can trial the class for £12.90 click here.






Alecos, Chess Club Instructor

What do you enjoy about teaching at 3HC? 

Teaching new skills to children of all ages and abilities and watching them develop and grow. Having fun while learning and laughing with the children. Every week is different and you never know which characters will walk in on any day!

What do you do for fun?

Play chess, ofcourse! I also like running and playing with my daughters.

What was your favourite snack or cereal when you were young?

Play chess, of course! I also like running and playing with my daughters.

ReadyBrek especially on those cold winter mornings.

What is one of your favourite parks, restaurants or cafes in the city?

I love Hampstead Heath especially in the summer where I have been running since the age of 12. In terms of cafes, I like the Coffee Cup in Hampstead where I have been going for years.