Connect. De-Stress. Express with Art (for parents).

Meditate with art
Meditate with art

Connect. De-Stress. Express with Art (for parents).


Workshops run every Thursdays 12 pm - 2 pm. Price is for two weekly consecutive sessions. All material included. There are no sessions during the school breaks.

The teacher is Ashima Kumar, an artist and a graphic designer. Her walking for peace series selected by Momenti, Italian custom design for wall paper. She also regular exhibits in London. Please see more details at her Instagram account @ashima_2016

What parents who attended the classes say:

'I thoroughly enjoyed my De-stress & Express Doodle Art session with Ashima. That evening instead of doing my usual meditation, I mindfully finished off my Doodle Art piece & found the effects just as beneficial as my meditation - after 20 minutes I felt relaxed, calm and refreshed. Wonderful!' 

- Ciaran Ivanovic 'Mindful Kids founder'

“Ashima is extremely dedicated to her art/passion. It was very evident in her talk and I felt really comfortable to talk about my struggles. She showed us few techniques on how to create design and how repetitive action will help in reducing stress. The best part is you can doodle anywhere!”

- A professional, mother &  wife

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Connect. De-Stress. Express with Art

Everyone is an artist. Everyone can create a thing Of beauty as an expression Of their own uniqueness. This doodle art form is a repetitive art form with distinct patterns that engages the head, heart and hand in synchronicity becoming an immersive meditative experience. Dabbling in it will not only de-stress you, it will make you ready to face the challenges Of the day with ease,happiness and joy.

What YOU will learn and key take-aways

       In this interactive workshop the participants will be able to produce a unique piece of art work.

       A wonderful way to connect with yourself, this workshop is especially suited for those who want to de-stress and rejuvenate creatively. That basically means all of us.

Ashima has been creating doodle art paintings for many years. Her love to doodles comes from her background in visual arts and graphic design.

An established visual graphic artist with over 20 years of experience she has actively worked with corporates and individuals. Appreciated for her signature art pieces. Ashima has been a part of various group shows and exhibitions.