Your child is not a vessel to filled by facts...

I loved the phrase from the book I read last week (The Montessori Toddler by Simone Davies), “Don’s see your child as a vessel to be filled with facts. The child genuinely loves learning, making discoveries for themselves, and coming up with creative solutions.”

Last week I went to see Olafur Eliiason exhibition at Tate Modern and it was just the right place to inspire parents and children to be curious and enjoy learning in a way Simone Davies meant.


I think Olafur Eliasson’s exhibition is a must see event in London (don’t worry if you are away as it will last until January 2015). Eliasson is an artist who combines together architecture, ecology, food, education, climate change and creative collaboration. This exhibition is a multi-sensory rich learning environment that makes us visitors think about different issues.

For younger children, there is a hands-one experience of building and connecting geometrical structures exploring geometry and architecture.  One can explore work of nature through seeing artist reproducing waves and waterfalls.  Exploring lights and visual perception of space is pushing us to explore our understanding the environment. Older children can appreciate climate change issue raised through photography and a discussion wall. And all family can experience a vegetarian meal with CO2 pollution calculator at the Terrace café that is reproducing menu from Eliasson’s food studio in Berlin that also makes you think of the benefits of fermentation in cooking (creating live bacteria for our gut which are now scarce with food processing).

One suggestion for this trip to work, allow time and freedom for the child to explore the space as children take longer to process the environment. Maybe you can come back again to explore more rather than getting wind up about queuing and trying to finish it all in one go. Use waiting time to discuss what you’ve seen (maybe have a book for children to flip through about global warming).

I hope you will enjoy the trip and do drop me an email at to share your experience.