Tips on how to settle your child into a nursery or pre-school

1)      Reduce the fear of unknown – help your little one to get familiar with the place:

a.       Visit the place before the nursery starts with your child and mention it when you pass it by;

b.      Talk about the nursery with your child; if possible find out the routine of the day at the nursery so you tell your child what is the day going to be like (ask teachers or parents with older kids at the nursery);

c.       Make playdates with other kids from the nursery/pre-school to have a familiar face for your child at a new place.

2)      Make your child prepared to be at the nursery:

a.       Independence – use of toilet, washing hands, dressing up, eating. Take the next month to teach your little one to do thing with the maximum independence. Be realistic, patient and supportive, praising the effort.

b.      Social skills – sharing, taking turns, saying please and thank you, being able to ask for help – all these skills take time to develop but give your child opportunities to practice those skills and use descriptive praise when she/he displaying those skills.

3)      Make yourself prepared:

a.       Do not be nervous or worried as your child will feel it – be confident that nursery is the right choice and your little one joins pre-school as a part of the learning experience;

b.      Allow plenty of time to get to the nursery and for your to do the drop off so you do not add to the anxiety by rushing your child;

c.       Do not sneak out but do not linger either – explain to your little one who is going to look after him/her, who he is going to play with, when you are going to be back, say bye/kiss and leave. If you do want to check on how your child is settled either ask another parent to have a look or your teacher to give you a call; in most cases the kids stop crying within seconds you leave.

d.      If the separation is really hard for your and/or for your child, maybe ask your husband or your nanny to bring your child for the first week to make separation easier;

Best of luck with the settling in and feel free to email us at if you would like to meet other parents from local nurseries or pre-schools as our members are local families whose kids attend nurseries locally.  

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