Tips on how to organise your wardrobe

As the spring is coming up, we all feel inspired to clear out clutter at our home and organise our wardrobes. I have done it with the Autumn/Winter clothes and now I am getting ready for Spring/Summer.

Here are some tips I am happy to share and I hope you found them useful:

1) Don't try to tackle everything in one go. Focus on one season at a time;

2) Take everything out for the season and sort into four piles: keep/keep but need to fix/give away/not sure. I found I needed two things: a mirror that showed my back (or a friend who can take photos from your back), and a professional eye to see objectively what fits well for my figure today and is not completely outdated. It can be a personal stylist (the best £60-100 you spend for your wardrobe) or a reliable friend.

3) Do not be tempted to put many things in "not sure" pile and if you do - give yourself a deadline (if you do not wear it once over the next month, you give it away). Apart of what you keep,  piles go into three large boxes you commit to deal with over a fixed period of time. How to know what to get rid off - if you have not worn it last year season, you are not likely to wear it this year.

3) Before putting back into the wardrobe what you decided to keep: (a) make a list of combination of clothes to wear together (one bottom piece should have at least three different tops to combine with), (b) make sure everything is visible and easy to reach (you will not remember the clothes you do not see).

4) Decide on 3-4 items you can add to your wardrobe this season to refresh the look. Research online before you go shopping to avoid compulsive buying. What you buy should be easy to combine with what you have and you should have couple of options for each piece.

I am not good to follow the fashion trends to know what are the staple items for Spring/Summer,  but that is why I will be joining Natasha Vinnikova to listen to her take on Spring/Summer trends after the London fashion week on colours, patterns and fabric.

I hope to see many of you on March 16 at 11:30.

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