Tips on how to improve your child's chess

Our chess coach Alecos from Saturday Chess Club at 3 House Club shares three tips how to make your child to improve his/her chess skills: 

1.  Focus on learning the end game moves - you can not win if you can not spot how to check mate! See the books like Chess Endgames for Kids  by Karsten Muller;

2. Sign up your child for the online chess playing with other children like ChessKid - you can play with your friends from home which is more fun!

3. If you can spare 10 minutes every day to solve couple of chess puzzles from something like Chess: 5334 Problems, Combinations and Games, you may have a champion at home. The author of this book brought up two daughters as word champions (though they were practising 3-4 hours per day).

4. Do join tournaments - even if you do it among friends. Friendly competition is a good booster to practice!

If you would like to join our Saturday chess club at 9:30 for children from 5-8, email


Anya Abdulakh3 House Club