Tips for using essential oils during the pregnancy

I have met Pamela few months ago, and as I am always looking for a natural way to treat health issues, she was a blessing. I bought from her the oil-mix for muscle pain as well as pine cembro oil for the defuser to help with running nose for my kids and it made such a difference. 

Bellow are some tips Pamela shares for aromatherapy during the pregnancy:

I recommend the lipid extract of plants, ( solar macerations) of Lavender or Camomille and Rose during the first three months.

The massage oil I principally use contains Petit grain bigaradier, Lavande officinal with the solar maceration of Rose Centifolia.

In case of infections such as colds the essential oil of Ravinsara may be used on advise of a qualified aromatherapist.

* Great care must be taken as to the quality of essential oils used.

There are numerous things a pregnant woman can do to help herself and her unborn child, such as eating well and avoiding alcohol, cigarettes and drugs of any kind. A pregnant mothers' mental attitude to her pregnancy is very important. All the baby's organs are being formed in the first few months, and whatever the mother feels, thinks and does will have an effect on it.

Diet is very important, the future mother has a responsibility to her baby to eat well during her pregnancy, the baby will benefit greatly from healthy natural foods. It is wise to eat plenty of vegetables, lightly steamed or raw and organic where possible, and to have a good intake of protein.

Morning sickness can be trying, though it doesn't usually last long. Eating little and often and avoiding rich, heavy or fried foods, eating slowly and chewing well. Drinking herbal infusion of Camomille can have a soothing effect in the stomach.

Its is important to get plenty of rest during pregnancy. I recommend at least one hour's total rest each day, feet up, and doing nothing more taxing than listening to some music or reading.

Aromatherapy Treatment

The aromatherapy massage treatment is done in two stages. Stage one is for when she is just pregnant and can still lie on her abdomen. Stage two is for when she can no longer lie on her abdomen; at this time, she sits up in the massage couch, sideways, with her feet resting on a stool, a pillow on her lap in which to rest her arms and a towel around her chest and legs to keep warm.

First the neck and back are massaged, these are often the seat of much tension. I use the solar maceration of Lavender or Camomille during the first three months, adding essential oils later as the foetus is more formed. The client then lies on her back, propped up by pillows under her head and legs, or however she feels most comfortable, and is given a facial, using a preparation according to the quality of her skin. I then massage the solar plexus, abdomen and legs and she rests of ten minutes.

Often women arrive feeling a little tired or nervous; the abdomen is often tight and the baby tends to move about a lot.

After the treatment it is amazing how often she feels that the baby has settled down and how wonderfully relaxed her abdomen feels.

A weekly treatment is best, but that will obviously depend on the time available to the individual mother. Fortnightly or monthly treatment still provides excellent care.

What does the treatment do?

First of all it is relaxing and helps to stop the build up of tension, especially in the neck and shoulders and in the later stages of pregnancy the lower back, which is sometimes affected by the extra weight of the baby.

It is uplifting and improves the flow of energy and minimises fatigue, which is usual during the first three months and again towards the end of pregnancy.

It is revitalising. It improves skin tone, helping to reduce small imperfections.

It improves circulation. Veins tend to become more apparent during pregnancy, there is a greater tendency to varicose veins, thread veins and haemorrhoids, therefore this is particularly important.

It stimulates lymphatic drainage and the elimination of toxic wastes from the system. This is important during pregnancy because of the greater tendency to fluid retention, which is often visible as swelling of the ankles and feet.

It tones muscles. This combats aches and pains caused by distended ligaments, and alleviates any tendency to cramp, which can occur towards the fifth month.

It maintains the skin's suppleness and elasticity; the therapeutic effect of the essential oils and vegetable oils coupled with the massage induces physical and mental relaxation.

It is psychologically supportive for the mother.

It prepares for child birth. Regular treatments help to keep the body in harmony.


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