Thursday talks: Parenting from your higher self, Thursday, 23rd June, 9:30

Being a parent is a full-time job and actually the most important job we will ever have. Our actions have the power to impact our kids for the rest of their lives that's why it's important to be fully aware of what we do and say during their childhood. Even more, we are their first role models therefore we should really pay attention to what kind of values we hand them over. 


This Thursday, 23rd June we will host a talk about "Parenting from the higher self" from 9:30-11:00. We are honoured to have Nora Ghodsian at 3 House Club, as she will explore with us parenting and how we can become better parents for our little ones. Nora is a Psychotherapist and Parenting Consultant with extensive experience in Mental Health and Parenting Guidance Consultancy. 

Parenting: challenges & rewards 

During this talk Nora will guide us through what parenting is from two perspectives: its challenges and also its rewards. 
Nora believes that in order to be able to raise our kids well, we must first know who we are and understand what values we aspire to. By knowing ourselves we will be more prepared to understand our children and to deal with their tantrums or difficulties. 
This 1 and ½ hour talk is meant to enhance our experience as parents and to help us benefit more fully from this stage of life. 

Here are a few interesting topics that Nora has prepared for us: 

  • What is the foundation of good parenting?
  • Who are we as parents?
  • How can we prepare ourselves to respond appropriately to - both anticipated and unforeseen - challenges of parenthood?
  • How can we create a more joyous and harmonious family life?
  • and many other questions we are confronted with as parents.

Meet Nora Ghodsian 

Nora is a licensed Psychotherapist and Parenting Consultant and she has close to 40 years of professional experience in helping families through her private practice and consultancy, including raising her own 3 children (in California) and 2 grandchildren (in London).  She has lived, studied and worked in Iran, USA and UK, and is accustomed to the social ideals, customs and practices of both Eastern and Western cultures.

If you’d like to join us for this talk, please do so by signing up below for £10. 
Babies and toddlers are welcome too! 


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