Summer workshops at 3 House Club

The summer break is the perfect time to start exploring new things. School is over so we've got plenty of time just for play! 

If you're looking for some creative activities in St. John's Wood, we've got a few workshops that might be of interest to you. 

Arts workshops for 3-8 years old kids

  • Art of Ancient Egypt - 29th July, from 11:15-13:15. 
  • Expressionist Art - 8th August, from 14:00-16:00. 
  • Cubist Art - 12th August, from 12:30-14:30. 

Book here for any of the art workshops. 

Coding & Robotics workshop for 5-8 years old kids

Will take place on 2nd August, from 11:30-12:30. Please book here. 

Engineering with LEGO and K'NEX for 4-8 years old kids 

Will take place on:

  • 23rd August, from 11:30-15:30. 
  • 30th August, from 11:30-15:30. 

Please book your place here. 

Science workshop for 5-11 years old kids

Edible slimy worms/colour changing potions/wizard´s brew/slime)with Kids with Brains

Will take place on 11th August, from 12:30-14:30. 

Book your place here. 

See you at the club!