Summer camps NW8 for 3-8 yrs: Art, Lego, Musical Theatre, Yoga and more...

Summer workshops at 3 House Club

Bridgeman Street, NW8 7AL (inside Barrow Hill Junior School, just off St. John's Wood High Street)

See OR at OR

To book, please email us at or call 020 7586 9871

2 hours workshops£25/£30 per child for members/non-members, snacks included

4 hours workshops£40/£50 per child for members/non-members, lunch included

Thursday09/07/201513:00-15:00The snail and the whale3-8 yrs oldCreative Movements

Monday13/07/201513:00-15:00Matilda4-8 yrs oldCreative Movements

Tuesday14/07/201514:00-16:00Yoga stories & craft for kids4-8 yrs oldTatty Bumpkin 

Wednesday15/07/201511:00-15:00Lego6-8 yrs old e2 Young Engineers UK     

Thursday16/07/201513:00-15:00Dinosaur time4-8 yrs oldCreative Movements

Friday17/07/201513:00-15:00Art3-8 yrs

Saturday 18/07/2015      

Sunday 19/07/2015      

Monday20/07/201513:00-15:00Jack and the flum flum tree4-8 yrs oldCreative Movements

Tuesday21/07/201514:00-16:00Yoga stories & craft for kids4-8 yrs oldTatty Bumpkin 

Wednesday22/07/201511:00-15:00Art3-8 yrs

Thursday23/07/201513:00-15:00The Tiger who came for tea3-8 yrs oldCreative Movements

Friday24/07/201511:00-15:00Art3-8 yrs

Saturday 25/07/2015      

Sunday 26/07/2015      

Monday27/07/201513:00-15:00Elmer3-8 yrs oldCreative Movements

Tuesday28/07/201514:00-16:00Yoga stories & craft for kids4-8 yrs oldTatty Bumpkin 

Wednesday29/07/201511:00-15:00Art3-8 yrs

Thursday30/07/201513:00-15:00I want my hat back3-8 yrs oldCreative Movements

Friday31/07/201511:00-15:00Art3-8 yrs

Saturday 01/08/2015      

Sunday 02/08/2015      

Monday03/08/201513:00-15:00The Gruffalo3-8 yrs oldCreative Movements

Tuesday04/08/201514:00-16:00Yoga stories & craft for kids4-8 yrs oldTatty Bumpkin 

Wednesday05/08/201511:00-15:00Kn-ex4-6 yrs old e2 Young Engineers UK     

Thursday06/08/201513:00-15:00Fantastic Mr Fox3-8 yrs oldCreative Movements

Friday07/08/201511:00-15:00Art3-8 yrs