Science and Cooking Summer Workshops

New Summer Workshops! We added Science and Cooking:

Science with on Thursday 23/07 and 30/07 from 10:30 to 12:30 (age 5-8), £30

23/07: Creating "Electric Play Dough" and teach basic circuits to children.Electric Play dough was originally designed by St. Thomas University and is known as “squishy circuits”. The basic premise is that the play dough acts as both an insulator and a conductor of electricity in order to form shapes and add with lights, sirens, and motors. Children would test theirs by using LEDS and seeing why do they "light" in some cases and others don´t. 

30/07 : Building and decorating bristle bots. The purpose is to build a small gizmo that vibrates while learning a lit bit more about electricity, During the second part, they would decorate it to make it look like an animal (ex insect) .The "robot" would move around and children could also make races and build some obstacles to see how it avoids them. 

Cooking with Roseanne:
Mondays, 20/07 and 27/07 from 10:30 to 12:30, Cook your own lunch (main course and desert), £30, age 4-8

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