SCHOOL TALKS for parents: all you need to know about the school system, schools and assessments

Too many parents out there are worrying about the education of their kids. Faced with a complex system, so many possibilities and not enough proper sources of information, they feel a bit overwhelmed. When the moment comes to make a decision they are confused and sometimes, just go with the flow.

That’s why we will dedicate the month of May to a complete understanding of the British School System, the types of schools available in the UK, their pros and cons, and the preparation for the first assessments. We are delighted to invite you to 3 School Talks on the 5th May, 7th May and 12th May where we will shed the light on the enigmas around the schools. Mums and dads, your questions will find their answers and you will be guided to make wise decisions! 

Have a look at the events and set your agenda quick, because the places are limited!


Understanding the British School System talk – Thursday, 5th  May, 19:00 – 21:00  

Karin Thyselius (founder of NW8 Mums) and Emily Ainsworth (Educational consultant and tutor, Oxford graduate) offer a comprehensive run-through of the British school system as a whole, and specialist, first-hand insights into local schools, helping you to read beyond the pages of prospectuses and Ofsted reports.
After this two-hour group talk, you will be equipped with lots of information that will help you decide what is best for you and for your child’s future. 

This talk is for those pregnant mums who want to take their first step into the educational system and also for mums with young babies.

The price of this talk is £80 per person. Book your place here:


 7+ Entrance assessment talk – Saturday, 7th May, 12:30 – 14:00

Sapna Chamaria, a teacher and a private tutor will share her experience with you on the 7+ assessment, give tips and answer your questions.  She has prepared children for the  7+ entry at top academic schools in London, so she’s really one of the best persons to listen to. 

She will talk about:

  1. Areas covered by subject on the entry exams;
  2. Areas to be discussed during the interview (both children and parent);
  3. Useful resources to use in the preparation for the exam and how to plan the work.

Also, there will be time for individual Q&A after the presentation. So, make a list and book your place!

The price of this talk is £80 per person. Advanced bookings only. Book your place here:


4+ Assessment talk – Thursday, 12th May, 19:00 – 21:00

This workshop will be held by Dr. Cara, a Professor in Strategy at the University of Sussex, who has developed a brilliant structured approach for parents. Her method has helped many parents to work with their children at home to help them flourish academically long-term as well as be prepared for the assessment process.

Her own kids are a proof that her method is efficient: both of them have successfully passed the assessment to the top three academic schools. Now Dr. Cara is developing an app for the parents, runs private consultation for parents and also informal pre-assessments for children to identify areas parents need to focus on. 

The workshop will cover:
1) How to work with your child;
2) What areas you should work on and which material to use;
3) How to prepare for the assessment day.

The session is £120 per person. Advanced bookings only. Book your place here: 

Places are limited to 10.