Pre and Post Natal Pilates

Pre & Post Natal Pilates is a form of exercise tailored to prepare the mind & body before birth and to repair the body & focus the mind after birth.

Firstly, pregnancy is not a time to try and loose weight with exercise, you should focus on achieving a fitness level that benefits you and your baby the most. help to realign and strengthen the body for successful birthing, plus focusing the mind. Pre Natal Pilates sessions are there to encourage the clients to take control of their health and become confident with the birthing process. The entire process from pre to post natal Pilates will give mothers the power to trust their body & mind’s capabilities.

There are direct benefits to the children's health as well as to the mother's. Results have shown a reduced risk of childhood obesity and other diseases if the mother is healthy and fit;  maternal health during pregnancy has a significant impact on the health of your child.

Mothers tend to return for sessions for each pregnancy there after, due to the benefits they felt. Every one is different and every pregnancy is different, even if you relied on Pilates during the first pregnancy it doesn’t mean it will be the same or easier for the second, third time etc. It is important to be seeking advise and regular checks with specialists during the Pilates regime.

However, the most important thing to note during post natal Pilates workouts is not to be too hard on yourself, if you saw results during the pre natal Pilates and feel it is taking a lot longer to feel change/strength within your body, just remember you’ve just had a baby and your body needs time to recover!

‘Post-partum is one of the most important periods in a woman’s life’. Physically your body has undergone a huge amount of change in such a short period of time. Let alone how you might be feeling mentally or emotionally. Take time with the post natal process. You will go through the same type of training to strengthen and realign the body, strengthen thepelvic floor & abdominals, focus on the mind and breath to maintain balanced hormone levels, and re-energise the mind & body.

It is crucial to still be aware of your health and lifestyle after birth. You children are constantly learning and observing from the moment they are welcomed in to the world. At the end of the day, the most important things in life is our families and our mental & physical health.



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