Pilates: Classical... Equipment... Mat... What's it all about?

Pilates, whether it’s equipment or mat based, is beneficial to everyone. Especially if you are recovering from pregnancy, injury, surgery, illness, the method helps to better your body & mind’s reaction plus shorten the total length of time to complete recovery; so be anything but scared of getting involved! How? By promoting new neuromuscular patterns, heighten proprioception (body awareness), increase co-ordination, of course sculpt and tone your body, prevent future injury and reduce pain, strengthen/re-align & decompress the spine, relieve nerve and disc pressure. Stimulate healthy circulation. Joint & bone stabilisation.

Perhaps you are not injured and you might just be weak in your muscles, the Pilates method doesn’t require existing strength as it n develops your body’s muscles from deep within and out, working with what you’ve got! That is not to forget if you are super fit, Pilates will only enhance your fitness regime and perhaps target areas you didn’t actually know existed.

Read more about the various styles of pilates here: http://exhalepilateslondon.com/our-blog

Here at 3 House we offer MAT PILATES classes every Monday and Wednesday morning, from 9am-10am: "the most challenging [of the pilates styles] strentghening the core muscles and limbering the spine".

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