One day in Paris with children

Going to Paris with kids is not only a great opportunity to practise their French and taste fantastic food, but it is also an amazing way to lean history and art.

To keep it fun but education for my 7 years old who joined me in Paris this week, I have done some reading with her before the trip and kept museums short, but focused and fun.

Here are some ideas I used:

1)    As Napoleon will come up throughout your visit to Paris and most young children do not learn about him at school yet, I found it useful to read about him a bit together before the journey.


2)    On the way to Paris in Eurostar, we read together and played games from the book Paris for Kids: it is a great way to familiarise your little one about main landmarks in the city;

Paris for Kids.jpg

3)  I only could choose one museum so we went to see the Louvre. I used Family Twist company who organised a private Quest for Sasha with an amazing guide Claude who turned the museum’s visit into two hour code breaking adventure going through French, Egyptian, Greek and Italian art and history in a way that fascinated both of us.  It was really the best part of our visit. 

Family Twist in Paris.jpg

We finished the trip on a boat trip on Seine and practising our French in local restaurants.

We can not wait for our next adventure!

anya abdulakh