Painting the Modern Garden Monet to Matisse at 3 House Club

Our art teacher run an art workshop for the kids last Friday based on the current exhibition at Royal Academy of Arts, Painting the Modern Garden, Monet to Matisse. Ema encouraged parents to take their little ones to see the exhibition.

Being a bit sceptical what would be the attention span of my 5 and 7 yrs old, I decided to give it a go yesterday.  To my surprise both kids loved it. Do not expect your little ones to last long. I focused on a few paintings that my children heard Ema talking about - so they were interested. And I found a couple more to explain the difference between Monet and other artists. For my girl it was a game to spot Monet versus not-Monet pieces as well as to guess if the day in the painting was sunny and happy or gloomy or if it was a morning or an evening.  We all had fun, I managed to see the exhibition and my kids learnt something useful and enjoyed their time. 

You can also check an useful article at the Telegraph by Sally Saunders with helpful tips on how to prepare children to the art gallery visit.

I now appreciate even more what Eme gives to little ones at 3 House Club explaining about how to look at the art.

Ema is running classes at 3 House Club, St. John's Wood on the following days:

Monday 15:15 for 3-4 yrs old and 16:15 for 5-8 yrs old

Tuesday 10:15 for 2-3 yrs old

Wednesday 16:15 for 4.5-8 yrs old

Friday 11:15 for 2-3 yrs old

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