Our newsletter: 2016 class schedule, TV show casting, Christmas Workshops and more

  • We are open next two weeks as usual except bank holidays (closed only 25-28/12 and 1-3/01). Majority of the classes continue to run as usual but few classes are cancelled over the next two weeks as some teachers are away. Please check our schedule online or via our app (or at the club).
  • Prices in 2016: The membership prices will go to £85 per month from 2016 but for the NEW CLIENTS ONLY (current members will stay on the current pricing). Those who would like to become a member - you are welcome to register before the end of December at the current prices and start your membership from January. Extra class for members will go to £7 instead of £5. That will extend to the current and new members.
  • 15% off new classes: If anybody is interested to sign up for our new classes  in January we would like to offer trial block of 5 classes with 15% off if bought by the end of December. See here the list of the classes.
  • December 19, Saturday, 10:45-11:45: Christmas Cupcake Decoration with Roseanne for children from 4 to 8 years old. Book here or via app.
  • Art school break workshops for 3.5-8 years old on Tuesday, December 22 and December 29 from 11:00 to 15:00. Lunch included. £50 per person. You can book here or via our app.
  • TV production company White Rabbit Films is making a series of short online films for a new website called “10th Month”, a collection of information and material about life immediately after a baby arrives. These will be positive, warm films featuring informal chats with parents filmed at some point over that 1st month of your newborn’s life.  We’re looking for UK-based women from a range of nationalities due to have a baby in January 2016 to take part in this project. The films are being made by Bafta-nominated documentary director Elizabeth Stopford, who is also a new mum herself.  
    Please email Mark Olden directly at molden6560@gmail.com or call on 07973 884 718.


Coming up in 2016

  • January 7, Thursday, 18:30, our monthly get together for local pregnant women will welcome Karen, founder of MyHospitalBag to get advice on what to take with you to the hospital on your due date. You would be able to purchase one of the fabulous Karen's bag on the day at a special offer price. Free event but register online.
  • Starting January 25, Mondays, 1-3 pm Parenting course for parents with 6 months to 3 years old children run by Catherine Tugnait, mother of two and NCT trained Postnatal practitioner. Babies and toddlers are welcome to stay with the parents during the course. £140 for five weeks, book with Catherine on 07902 613854 or catherinetugnait@msn.com 
  • Starting January 19, Tuesday, 9:15 to 10:45, English language and culture  course for parents with Perfect Cuppa English.  £240 for 8 weeks course (excl Feb 16 half-term) and 1.5 hours will run in a group of 3-6 people max.  Sign up here.

Merry Chrsitmas and a Happy New Year!

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