Meeting local pregnant women

Yesterday we had a great evening with a group of expecting mums living in St John's Wood.  

It's great seeing people making friends. It can be a lonely journey becoming a mother as your social group is changing and as everything is a new experience, a support from a friend makes a huge difference.

We also would like to say a special thanks to Maria Thakrar. 

Maria Thakrar, a qualified Nutritional Therapist, who shared her thoughts about the foods you should eat more of during your pregnancy and those you should avoid.

She explained how a healthy diet can help you through your pregnancy and can ensure that your baby gets the best start. 

Maria is a mother to two young girls. She has always been passionate about healthy eating and the healing power of food. Her interest in the field of nutrition started when she was pregnant with her first daughter. She was very aware that the food she was eating was the main source of nutrients for her baby - and she wanted to give her the best. She started researching the topic and eventually signed up to do a Nutritional Therapy degree.

Maria's Nutritional Therapy practice is based in South Hampstead. She firmly believes that a one size approach to nutrition just does not work. As such, she works hand in hand with her clients to understand their requirements and creates targeted nutrition plans that suit their individual needs. As a foodie and loves finding and creating recipes for her clients that are delicious, healthy and easy to make.

If you are a pregnant mum-to-be and live in Maida Vale, St. John's Wood, Primrose Hill or Swiss Cottage and missed the meeting yesterday, do drop us an email to to find out about an upcoming meeting.

If you have any questions about nutrition, feel free to contact Maria at or follow her on Instagram.





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