Meet other local mums to be and learn how to connect to your baby through music!

Research has discovered that new-born babies can listen, remember and recognise music that they have been exposed to, while in the womb. Nevertheless, the idea that unborn babies are alert and responsive to sound and touch is so new that it is sometimes difficult to appreciate music-based interventions prior to birth. 

Music is a great way of communicating, settling and soothing a new-born, thatbecomes even more effective when used before birth. There is also a wealth of benefits from listening and interacting with music for the emotional and physical health of both baby and mother. 

Come to 3 House Club on Thu, October 1 for a free event of local expecting and new mums get together and meet Maria, founder of who will run a demo session on her class for pregnant and new mums. 

The idea of a class for pregnant mums and mums with new-born babies (0-6 months) works on the premise that in both stages there is a great need for communication and interaction between mum and baby. Very often, pregnancy and life with a new-born, is a solitary and emotional time and mothers will find their time in the class relaxing and enjoyable. The class is a mix of meditation, singing, listening and musical creativity, focused on equipping mums with some useful skills that they can use at home.

Email us if you would like to join at

anya abdulakh3 House Club