Masterclasses for gifted children with Tomorrow Achievers at 3 House Club

We are proud to start collaboration with Tomorrow's Achievers, an organisation that provides specialist masterclasses for nearly 1,000 gifted children across the country every year.


The courses cover a wealth of topics – including science, technology, maths, philosophy, literature and the arts – in ways which engage, stretch and challenge the most able students.

Below is the list of courses we will be hosting at 3 House Club, St John's Wood during November and December.

We offer £5 off the tickets for our clients and members but discounted tickets are limited only for two places per masterclass. If the tickets on our site is sold out, you would be able to buy full-price tickets directly at tomorrow's achievers' site


Here is the list of the courses as well as link to buy the tickets:

November 5,  Sunday, 10;00 -15:00

Wonderland (literacy, history, creative thinking and maths)

Age: Year 1-3 (5-8 yrs old)

November 5, Sunday, 10:00 - 16:00

It’s Maths, but not what you’re used to!

Age: Year 3-5 (7-10 yrs old)

These maths workshops are for children who are already excited about mathematics and want to see, and do, more than they have the opportunity to do in school. The focus is on logical reasoning, "thinking like a mathematician" and problem solving, together with mathematical acceleration. We will get together and carry out exploration of many topics from algebra, geometry, number theory, probability and number logic plus other areas of the curriculum.

The contests are enjoyable, spurring interest in mathematics and offering challenging problems of a different nature than those you may encounter in a math class.

You will develop your number skills and manipulation, and your application of the functions of maths, through solving many exciting challenges, maths games and puzzles.

Join us and develop your maths skills confidence and understanding and learn new techniques, without a textbook in sight.

Led by Philip Callaghan-Wright

November 5,  Sunday, 10:00 -15:00

Fire in the Soul! (art of Painting with Matisse, Miro, Picasso, Leger and Kandinsky)

Age: Year 2-6 (6-11 yrs old)

Fire in the Soul!

Kandinsky: “Each colour lives by its mysterious life (…) - to create an artwork is to create the world.” Painting with Matisse, Miro, Picasso, Leger and Kandinsky you will gain an insight into their techniques, use of shape, colour and composition; as well as the ideas behind the artworks. Inspired by their thoughts and works – which according to Miro “must be conceived with fire in the soul but executed with clinical coolness” - you will create your own colourful portfolio of masterpieces and ideas!

Led by Tania Gil Horta

December 3, Sunday, 10:00 – 14:30

Mathematical Minions

Age: Year 1-3 (5-8 yrs old)

Can one small mathematical Minion solve a huge problem? Have you heard of strength in numbers, the power of numbers and taking away problems? 

The little Minions need your help. Their beautiful land by the sea has been attacked by the Giant Gnomes of Gnaw.  Gnomes are mean and green and they double in size every day - and they want Minion land for themselves.  Bring your maths head and join the Minions.  Learn about the power of numbers and be strong together.  Begone Gnomes! 

(This class employs a creative approach to maths. Children will use creative thinking skills and logic to apply numerical concepts to story and model making.)

Led by Tracey Martin

December 3, Sunday, 10:00 – 15:30

The Egg Carrier Challenge (laws of physics)

Age: Year 3-5 (7-10 yrs old)

Have you ever considered how laws of physics impact on our daily lives?  Have you ever thought about the shapes we see around us in all the objects we use every day?  Why are some shapes seen more often than others?  Do some have different strengths?  What are forces?  And why must they be thought about when making a product?   What are the different types of motion that make some things move?

We will look at shapes to see which are strong or weak and look at some of the forces that have to be considered when making an object. Then, we will construct some things using different shapes and, by testing them to destruction, discover which shapes are the strongest.

Now to the challenge!  Working in teams, you will construct a simple cart or capsuleand compete with the other teams to see which one can safely carry an egg, without breaking it, over the greatest distance.   You might even be daring enough to launch a capsule into the air.  But remember you mustn't break the egg.  

When you get home, if your parents agree, you might have a competition with them or local friends to see who can safely carry an egg the furthest. 

Led by Philip Callaghan-Wright

December 3, Sunday, 10:00 – 15:00

Monsters and Surrealist Art

Age: Year 2-6 (6-11 yrs old)

In our increasingly globalised world, artists break away from tradition. They embark on explorational journeys of their own fragmented identity. On our own journey through the Tate, you will explore some of their most exciting works and try some of their ideas to create your own soulful sketches!

Led by Tania Gil Horta

December 10, Sunday, 10:00 – 15:00

Who's that in the Mirror!

Age: Year 1-3 (5-8 yrs old)

This will be a day for talking, reading, writing, making sculptures and drawings...all about YOU! Who are you really? What do you want to do with your time? What do you want to achieve in the future and what skills will you need to succeed?

December 10, Sunday, 10:00 – 15:30

Numbers Can Be Fun - Honest!

Age: Year 3-5 (7-10 yrs old)

A day of fun and games, challenges and puzzles, designed to build your skills, confidence and application when working with numbers and the important functions in maths. Learn to co-operate with others as well as work on your own to find the solutions, through a whole range of tasks, hands-on puzzles and challenges which will boost your mathematical skills.

Not a text book in sight! You will be amazed how new skills will develop which will make you an even better ‘maths practitioner’.

You will soon be able to design your own maths games and puzzles and challenge the rest of the group to solve them: 2D or 3D, it’s up to you. Challenge yourself to learn more about number, shape, time, dimension, even simple algebra. The sky’s the limit. Let the fun begin!

Led by Philip Callaghan-Wright

December 10, Sunday, 10:00 – 16:00

Who Am I? Art, Stories and Identity

Age: Year 2-6 (6-11 yrs old)

Surrealist artists took inspiration from dreams, the unconscious mind, and memories of childhood. We shall make artworks inspired by the Surrealists’ images and by drawing our own experiences and memories. We shall use elements of chance and randomness to create our own surrealist works in a variety of media.

Led by Tania Gil Horta

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