Less known books to enjoy with your children

As the second half of the summer term usually is more relaxing, parents may have more time to enjoy reading books with children. Here are my recent less known favourites to enjoy by age.

Books to read with under 7:

1) The Teddy Robinson by Joan G. Robinson - very sweet and funny story about adventure of a little teddy and his little owner Deborah.

2) My Naughty Little Sister Collection by Dorothy Edwards is a humorous mishaps of a little girl that made me laugh as much as my children.

Books to read with 7-11 yrs old

1) Listening for Lions by Gloria Whelan is a story happening both in Kenya and England at the end of the first world war through the eyes of a young girl.

2) Adam Canfield of the Slash by Michael Winerip is a great way to introduce children to what is a true journalist versus fake news and corrupted media.

3) Holes by Louis Sachar is such a well written story that is fascinating to follow both for adults and children woven through different time and people’s lives into a final culmination in the live of a 13 year old.

4) Darby by Jonathon Scott Fuqua recounts how a little girls stands up for the racism in a small American town over 100 years ago.

Books for 12 and over

1) The Crossover by Kwame Alexander is especially suitable if you child likes basketball and what I love is that it is written in a free verse style.

2) The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo is also a free verse style but has a bit stronger language and references so you may read it first to see if it is appropriated for your child.

After reading the last two books, my son started to appreciate poetry more.

Please email me your favourite books as I am always looking for a good read.