Latino Bambino comes to 3 House Club!

New class with Latino Bambino (run by the founder Urska Gestrin-Mosquera)!

 FIRST TWO CLASSES ONLY FOR £5 /class if signed up by February 20! Email to info@3HouseClub to book.
From Wednesday, 25 February, 14:45-15:30, Latino Bambino - MUM & BABY postnatal dance workout where mothers wear their babies in a baby carrier or a sling whilst dancing to a pulsating Latin America tempo. This is a fun and easy cardio workout that burns fat and releases endorphins as well as tones your entire body and provides great stimulation for the baby, too! See the class in action

From Wednesday, 25 February, 15:30-16:15, Latino Bambino - TODDLER DANCE SESSIONS (1-4 years) Is your toddler full of energy and can hardly ever sit still? Energetic, dance class full of Latin beats where instrument playing, Spanish singing and laughter are all blended into a fun weekly session that both you and your bambino will love! The programme combines an exciting mix of dance activities and musical fun with colourful props that help develop children’s imagination and creativity. See the class in action

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