Fun & practical French classes for kids 4-8 years old

French with Petit Pierrot

French with Petit Pierrot

The sooner children start to learn a foreign language, the more chances they have to speak it fluently. Not only does a foreign language give the child the opportunity to learn about another culture, but it also contributes to the overall mental development, studies have shown.

So why not start learning a foreign language now? Choose French as the second language for your little one and rest assured you've made the best choice. Just think about the French contribution to the worldwide culture: Van Gogh, Cézanne, Monet, Voltaire, Baudelaire, Balzac, Camus, Jules Verne, Saint-Exupéry.....and of course those delicious croissants.   

Les classes des petits

At 3 House Club we host French classes for children aged from 4 to 8 years old every Friday starting from 16:15. The lessons are taught by Club Petit Pierrot teachers in French so the kids have the opportunity to learn and practice the French accent and to form their own sentences.

The classes are fun yet very well organized around specific themes. Each class is about an interesting topic such as: food, the calendar, school, numbers, animals, holidays and many more. Additionally, Petit Pierrot uses CDs with French songs and rhymes to introduce children into the fascinating world of French culture.  

The immersion method

Club Petit Pierrot teaches French entirely in French. This is called “the immersion” method and it has been proven to be the most effective way of teaching a language to young children. 

Children during a French class with Petit Pierrot. 

Children during a French class with Petit Pierrot. 

Club Petit Pierrot

The Club has been founded by Stella Bataille, who has been teaching French to children for 20 years. She is also The French Language Consultant for Cartoon Network’s “Cartoonito” channel.

Benefits of learning French:

There’s no doubt speaking French can consistently contribute to a child’s life. Here are just a few arguments about how French can help one broaden his horizon and increase opportunities:

  • Chance to learn about one of the most important cultures in the world and its personalities: Van Gogh, Balzac, Descartes, Pasteur etc…
  • Opportunity to use French in case of moving or holidays: French is present on all 5 continents and spoken by 220 million people.
  • Chance to study in France.
  • Advantages in finding a better job in multinational companies.

Register now

So, mum, if you’d like to make a wise investment in your child’s future, register for French classes here. Or if you just want to have a taster class, book here.

À bientôt!