How to choose the right nursery for your child?

Top tips from the head of Phileas Fox Nursery School how to choose the right nursery to your child as part of our regular talks for mums 3 House Clu with

Step 1: Think what is important for you and your child (outside space, multi-lingual family, safety).
Step 2:  Research before (OFSTED report, etc);
Step 3:  Check reputation (talk to other local parents);
Step 4: Visit.

Questions to ask during the visit:
1) Ask what is important for the nursery;
2) Ask about the staff professional background and observe their behaviour with the children;
3) Ask to describe the nursery's day-to-day activities structure

Feel free to email Tracy (Head of the Nursery) at if you have specific questions.

Our next talk is June 16 at 9:30 @3HouseClub with Emilie Caro Slee please email