Getting back to the job market

For those of us who took time to stay at home after having a child, it may be a bit intimidating to get back to the job market. One of the way to ease the way is to get involved with local small businesses. 

A lot of parents setting up their own businesses after having children to get more flexibility and those businesses are always looking for extra help from professionals.

It may be a great opportunity for you to sharpen your business thinking and even add something to your CV if you volunteer for any advisory role within a start-up.

How to spot these opportunities? Check local mum Facebook groups if any such businesses are looking for volunteers to help in any part of their business, ranging from social media and marketing support to business plan or strategy review. You can also start meeting business owners who run user groups as the first step to meet start-ups.

3 House Club is hosting such an opportunity run by Kindergifts this Thursday, Februar 1,  from 7 to 9 pm.  The meeting is a user group set up and the founders are looking for ideas and reviews for their business.

Be open minded and generous with your skills and time, and great opportunities may come. 

anya abdulakh