Beauty and inspiration of Frida Kahlo

I decided to have the last enriching outing with my children before submersing into the lazy life of an Italian sea-side for the summer.

London has a particular beautiful offer now at V&A which is Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up. The exhibition shows a beautiful collection of photographs and paintings of Frida Kahlo as well as her personal belongings and clothing which was locked away for over 50 years.

Frida is am amazing artists to learn for the children because she is a great example of resilience (talking about growth mindset) and creativity. Her life and work is so colourful and full of imagination so children will find it fascinating.

I would suggest to read a book about Frida together with the children before your visit. My personal favourites are (in the order of preferences):

1) V&A introduces Frida Kahlo - the book is available in the museum or on the V&A site and it is an easy and a fun read with children. The bookt covers both artist's life and her art.


2) Frida Kahlo: The Artist Who Painted Herself (Smart about the Arts) by Margaret Frith. I like this book as it is presented by a child as a school project so it is easy for the children to relate. 

Frida book 2.jpg

3) Frida (Americas Award for Children's and Young Adult Literature) by Jonah Winter . This book is a simpler version for younger children and is beautifully illustrated.  

Frida book 3.jpg

With my children during the V&A visit, I am focusing mainly on three areas:

1) Resilience:  Frida being physically in pain (after polio and a bus crash) found the strength to create a beautiful art to express her emotions. Look together through Frida's self-portrtaits and see what she was drawing and talk to the children why.

2) Frida's relation with Mexican culture thought her clothes and jewellery (e.g. jade stones used in Mayan rituals) - girls especially can choose their favourite dresses on the display to draw some of them in the notebook.  

3) Frida's controversy: how she portraits female's beauty, her political and religious views (depending on your children age). 

Some logistical tips: The tickets are sold out for the next three weeks but 100 of them are released every morning at 10:00 at the museum. If it does not work, you can plan you visit later as the exhibition is till November 4. There is also a different solution, if you become a V&A member (£70), you do not need a ticket for the exhibition, children can come with you for free and you get 10% discount on any purchase at the museum.

Fridays, V&A is open till 10 pm and the restaurant has live piano in the evening and garden space has a puddling fountain (that kids are happy to splash in). It can be a nice summer outing for grown ups as well as the kids.

Frida Kahlo at V&A.jpg

Please see out Instagram account if you would like to win a copy of one of the books.

anya abdulakh