FREE LANGUAGE CLASSES all next week!!!!

We love TED as it inspires to do great things in life. But this particular presentation we found so relevant!

You can check out a complete presentation, but to summarise:

- The ability of learning language start to decline from age 7;

- How 6 months old babies already react/ learn languages;

- 6-8 month is the critical period;

- Babies learn from 'real people'.

To learn a language is to start early! Here you go with the scientific proof.

You might not see any difference at their young age. It will all come up when they start to show reaction and to speak. Listen first, then speak, then read, then write. To learn a language takes years; but once they learn it, it's theirs for the rest of their life (as long as they keep using it). 

Kids learn so much quicker than us and have much better pronunciation.  Trust them and let them absorb. Be patient.

Don't forget - kids learn from real people and the people they like! Once they 'like' to learn, they will learn fast and don't stop! That's why our teaching aims to provide a happy learning environment.

SO 3 House Club decided to make a brave move and invite everybody for FREE all next week to join our language classes!

Monday, October 31

9:30 French with Club Petit Pierrot for 18m to 4 yrs old;

16:00 Spanish with Bilingual Beats for 4 m to 5 years old

Tuesday, November 1

9:30 Mandarin with Wanda Hu for 6 m to 3 yrs old

Friday, November 4

16:15 French with Club Petit Pierrot for 4 to 8 yrs old.

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