Four things to do before your due date to get mentally ready...

If your baby is coming within the next month or so there are few things you can do to fill in control mentally:

1) Run through the checklist what you need for the first month of your baby life. Online sources are numerous (see one here) but it is great to run through the list with one of your friends who has a small baby already. Also consider buying expensive items second-hand from local Facebook pages from local mums (like Maida Vale or NW8 Mums) as you may use them only for few months (like rocking chairs or breast pump) if at all.

2) Get your hospital bag ready - and if you do not have one check MyHospitalBag site. You can get a bag delivered at home for £85 with everything you need in the hospital. Karen (the founder of the business) will be at 3 House Club, St. John's Wood on December 3 at 18:30 to give some tips on what you need.

3) Try to get a nice spa break locally before you become a mother. Check Pre Natal Spa Breaks here

4) Join some local prenatal yoga classes to get your relaxation techniques updated as well as make friends with other local mums-to-be. It so comforting to have somebody next to you for a walk with a buggy who is going through the same experience o being a new mum. We run Sunday yoga at 3 House Club at 9:30 - you can come as drop in.

I love the expression - you can not stop the waves but you can learn to surf. You are as ready as you can be - a big new adventure of your life is about to start. Just trust yourself. You will do great! 

anya abdulakh3 House Club