Another inspiring local mum - making screen time safe & educational

We would like to share with you a story of another London mum, Priyanka. Like many of us she has been frustrated with young children getting exposed to inappropriate videos.

After much deliberation, Priyanka left her job as a corporate lawyer in the City, put together a team, got investment (including from a telecom giant O2) and started Highbrow.

Highbrow is like Netflix for children's educational videos. On Highbrow they have 5000+ videos on arts and crafts, science experiments, nursery rhymes - so basically educational only and vetted by education experts. Also you can download the videos for those long flights and vacation spots that don't have wifi! We think this is AWESOME!

Highbrow got selected by Apple as the ‘App of the Day’. Apple has 2.2 million apps and is in KidZania in the Westfield Mall. We think that is something to cheer about!

App of the day.PNG

Priyanka is very open to ideas and suggestions on how we can all collectively make a difference to our children’s lives. The debate on screen-time and what to do with it is an important one for us millennial parents. She can be reached at

anya abdulakh