Discover Coo - the App for easy parenting in London!

After leaving my job in finance to become a full-time mother I did not realise how much one needs to juggle to be a parent. One has to remember all play-dates, school projects, birthday party invitations, after-school clubs. Multiply that by 2 or 3 when you have more than one child and it gets out of control!

That’s why we love Coo, the new app we discovered for parents. 

Coo - the App for easy parenting. 

Get the app!

Get the app!

Coo is a coo-l parent productivity app that leverages the power of parent communities to reduce the administrative burden for all - think WhatsApp meets Google Calendar, and then some. You create private groups around your children’s activities - one for school, another for tennis class, a third for swimming. Each group has a news feed to chat and a calendar that helps you keep track of all the activities and syncs with your phone. All the people you need, and all the dates you need to keep track of, readily available whenever you need it. No wonder the Evening Standard described us as the parenting app to have!

Who founded Coo?

This App was designed by parents for parents. Shilpa, a Harvard MBA graduate started this project together with Amit, who had been working in technology for 15 years. They were both parents faced with juggling their kids schedule, after-school activities, parties and holidays. They realised everything would be much more easier if they would just invent an app to help them and other fellow parents.

"We use Slack, Facebook, Uber and TripAdvisor for other parts of our lives – why are we limited to last century paper in book bags and post-it notes in our parenting lives?" Amit,  Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

Find out more about Coo on their website.