Connection with baby sleep and reflux.

What a unique opportunity for 3 House Club and NW8 Mums to host the author of The Sensational Baby Sleep PlanAlison Scott-Wright on October 1.

All details to follow later.  There is going to be a talk as well as possibility to book 1-on-1 sessions.

Here are some tips that Alison shares on her website:

Does my baby have reflux?  It can be quite hard to spot the symptoms, especially with silent reflux.  These are some of the signs and symptoms to look out for:

• Vomiting or spitting up
• Arching the back or neck and body goes rigid
• Irritability and pain
• Frequent hiccups, excessive dribbling
• Gurgling, gagging, choking episodes
• White coating on the tongue [not oral thrush]
• Excessive mucous, sinus congestion
• Raspy / wheezy cough, often worse at night
• Very windy, hard to burp, excessive ‘bottom’ wind
• Excessive feeding or refusal to feed
• Difficult to settle, poor sleep patterns
• Bouts of inconsolable crying

anya abdulakh