Coding & Robotics workshop for kids 5-8 years old, Tuesday, 2nd August.

Coding may sound complicated to us, but for the young generation it is becoming the second language. If you think your child is not too young to learn French, you should agree that an earlier exposure to the computer language can only be beneficial. 

That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to have a CODING & ROBOTICS workshop at the club and introduce our kids into the fascinating world of coding. 

Join Fuze Technology at 3 House Club on August 2 from 11:30 to 15:30 to get a solid introduction to coding, what it is, what it’s used for and what one can do with it.  

FUZE Technologies Ltd has been teaching kids to code for over 3 years, they are heavily involved with UK education, running in school workshops for students teachers and community events in various UK venues.  We inspire children of all ages by showing them how engaging, exciting and satisfying learning to code can be and we teach teachers to do the same and deliver outstanding computing lessons.

 Our 4 hour workshops are a wonderfully FUN, hands-on experience. Coding, Robotics, LED’s, Sensors and more

You will use A FUZE computer, which houses the Raspberry Pi computer with a text based programming language, FUZE BASIC.

 We will cover (depending on age, the projects will be adjusted according to age and ability):

What coding is, including problem solving (Computational thinking)
What the applications are in the real world
The importance of ordering
How important it is to understand computing

Hello World  
How to write simple programs to “print” on the screen
Aim – Understand basic commands and program structure and the importance of order

Wiring and lighting up an LED
Create a simple circuit
Write the code to switch it on, then off, then flashing
Figure out how to wire up more LED’s and change to code to get them flashing
Aim – Learning more basic commands & how much fun physical computing is & some real-world applications for coding.

Writing a simple program that uses variables (A variable- A named memory location in which a program can store results and from which it can then read them)

Wiring and interacting with a Light Detecting Resistor
Understand what an LDR is.
Wire it up
Write code to interact with it.

Understand the code, alter and add to it

Robot Arm
Use and then
program a robotic arm

Marion Harrison Eden Live Project Lead

“FUZE ran nine days of drop-in coding workshops as part of our Game On! event here at the Eden Project. The workshops were hugely popular with all generations and gave our visitors a fantastic insight into the world of coding. The workshops were fun, engaging and well run and the FUZE team were fantastic to work with. We look forward to welcoming them back to Eden for future projects.”

My son enjoyed it so much that when we returned to the Eden Project for a second day during Half term he insisted we visit the coding workshop again. The FUZE coding workshops are a fantastic way to introduce young people (and old for that matter) to the world of coding and computers.

Helen Hampshire

The staff were really helpful and even though the workshop was busy they took time to check his understanding and gave further information than was just on the worksheets so he could appreciate it more fully. Really engaging and professionally done. Thanks!


Jenny Bristol

Matthew Unsworth, Head Teacher Barrow Hills School
“Rarely have I witnessed lessons where the children were that engaged for that length of time.  I went along to see what was going on and could not have been happier.”