Charles I's art collection: how to see it with your kids

Royal Academy of Art runs an amazing exhibition until April 15 of Charles I’s art collection.  Firstly, the exhibition is incredible because the beautiful pieces of art (Italian and Northern Renaissance, Venetians and of cause works of Anthony van Dyke) have been seen together last time during the year the King was executed. But also, the exhibition offers a great opportunity to review such an important period of British history when the country went through the Civil War, had the parliament dismissed and later got its own King executed.

Being not English, I knew little about the period but as I love art I decided to learn more and try to teach my 7 and 9 year old.  I knew to make the trip fun I have to do a bit of homework.

Charles I
Charles I.png

First, I watched a great documentary Charles I’s Treasures Reunited on BBC iPlayer that talks about the art on display as well as the history behind. I love it myself and it gave few stories to tell the kids when I take them around he exhibition to make it fun.

Then, I put together a little quiz for them to fill in during the exhibition (download here). To boost an incentive, every point was 20p worth so if they get all right answers, they have some money to spend in the museum shop afterwards.

The questions look hard but they kids loved it. They learned new words, remembered all the answers and were very happy to educated their daddy during the dinner.

I hope you will get a chance to go and see the exhibition during the next two weeks with your little ones before it closes and let me know about your experience.

anya abdulakh