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What you have to know about mental health, social media and drugs if you have a daughter.

With the current budget, UK Government announced special £2bn funding to boost mental health support (here). Last blog, I talked about introducing meditation to the children from young age to manage their stress (here). This time, I wanted to look, is there a difference on how to raise a mentally healthy daughter versus raising emotionally healthy son?

The gender differences diminish with the age and there are always atypical girls and boys. But there are studies to show that the girls are more at risk: more than two-thirds of antidepressants prescribed to teenagers are for girls (see details here).

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Is mental health a new buzz word or parents should start thinking about it more seriously?

As a parent, I come across more and more discussion about mental health issues.  Senior schools introduce mental health counsellors, junior schools talk to students about stress and how to manage it, teens talk about depression and suicide is the leading cause of death among young people in the UK (see here).

What did change from the time we were growing up that makes our children emotional and psychological well-being more vulnerable? I think one of the reasons is that we are losing our skill to connect with ourselves as we are getting more connected with the outside world.

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Five steps to help financial education of your children.

As a parent, I keep asking myself what skills would matter for my children when they approach the job market in 15-20 years? With more and more jobs being outsourced to AI (not only manual but more intellectual ones), everybody knows the skill set is changing. There are a lot of discussions about problem solving, social/communication skills, ability to adapt to changes etc. But I wanted to look at the questions from a different point of view. I want to teach my children financial independence not matter what the job market is going to look like..

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