Babies just want to have fun at The Caterpillar Music Class, Thursday, April, 28!

Have you noticed the sudden thrill around the room when someone mentions the word “karaoke”? Well, mum, your little baby may have the same feeling when listening to music. So, why not join a music class specially designed for young babies and toddlers? Give it a try on Thursday,  28th April from 9:20 to 10:00, and see if your angel likes it!

What is the Caterpillar class?

Well, it’s not really karaoke, but it’s a fun way for young babies and toddlers to enjoy themselves. During this class kids listen to music and get to sing along. Also, the Caterpillar teacher uses puppets and instruments to entertain them with stories. New exciting activities are customized for each class, so the babies get to learn new things each time.  

Babies love music

Babies are never too young to enjoy Caterpillar Music.  Actually, this class is designed for babies 0-3 years old. So, no need to worry. There’s a huge range of activities, something special for every little one. 

Caterpillar music class has lots of benefits: 

  • Experts agree that music enhances learning and helps babies and parents communicate
  • Interaction with other children develops social skills, confidence and helps children make new friends
  • Nursery rhymes and songs help develop vocabulary
  • Playing percussion instruments fosters dexterity and provides an early introduction to music for young babies and children
  • In each weekly class, parents or carers actively join in - and for good reason. It has been shown that children benefit greatly from activities in which their parents or carers interact with them.

To book your place at The Caterpillar class on Thursday, 28th April, sign up below. A trial class is only £12. 

For other questions, please email us at Or simply call us at 02075869871. 

We’re looking forward to singing along! 



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