Top 5 Tips for successful Assessment preparation

Maya Cara's two-hour workshop aims to help you navigate through the obscure 4+ assessment process to ensure that your child is fully prepared for the assessment. The workshop describes in details the assessment process while informing you on the areas to focus on and how to work with your children while suggesting which materials and resources to use. Armed with appropriate information and structure, you can teach your little ones the necessary skills through play and fun activities at home using everyday items and objects. 

From explaining how to help your children become puzzle building experts to how to properly read to them and engage them in discussions, this workshop not only covers the relevant topics for successful assessment preparation, but also guides you on how to work with your child to develop social and academic skills that will serve them well in the future. 

Here are Top 5 Tips for successful Assessment preparation:

  1. Organise your child’s time to develop the necessary skills.

    • Plan what topics to cover weekly (even daily!)

    • Do activities little but often

  2. Be persistent, know what methods to use and jump on any natural learning opportunities when they arise. 

  3. Make it fun and rewording for the child.

    • This is not only assessment preparation but learning useful skills for your child’s future

  4. Try not to be anxious and stressed.

    • Your child can feel it and it is not worth having her/him worry

  5. Start your preparation ASAP. 

    Register for the upcoming workshop on Tuesday, October 16, 19:00 to 21:00 here.

anya abdulakh