Art & art history classes for kids who dream big


If you’ve ever thought about giving your child the chance to develop his artistic side, then this course is for you…and for him.

Not only will he have the opportunity to learn about art movements such as the Renaissance, Impressionism or Art Nouveau and discover their most reputed artists, but your little angel can actually learn drawing and painting techniques. For example: Van Gogh’s brushstrokes technique, Picasso’s collage technique and many more.

Already sounds appealing?

Here is more: the class is led by Ema, an artist herself by education and by nature. Her teaching method is unique and is all about interacting with the kids as if they were grown-ups, fully equipped to create masterpieces. And they do. Just look at the picture.

The course is for children aged from 4.5 to 8 years old. Studies show that this is the perfect period for them to explore their abilities. Here is a list of skills they develop through the Art & art history classes:

  • Recognizing colours, groups of colours and suited combinations
  • Recognizing shapes and using them in composition
  • Creating compositions by drawing and painting
  • Understanding art in relation to feelings
  • Understanding art in relation to history

So mum, if you want to register your child for this course on a weekly basis or just give it a try, you can do it here. Each class is 12 £ and it’s totally worth it! 

Anya Abdulakh3 House Club