Are your kids acting strangly recently?

My 5 and 7+ years old were acting as teenagers recently (replying rudely to me, arguing between two of them, etc.) and I was trying to find the reasons looking what's going on in the school or with their friends. Then I met my friend for a coffee and she opened my eyes.

She is going through a hard time and was stresses. While her 10 yrs old daughter could ask "Mummy, are you ok? How was your day?", her 7yrs old would zoom out into iPad and shout "I don't care" and "leave me alone" on normal questions.  Young kids (and especially boys) can not express their feelings and they act out.

I came out of the coffee feeling I need to sort out my stress first before trying to change kids behaviour. It is obvious now, but sometime we forget about very obvious things.

My simple to do list for next few days is identify what stress me out (like moving the house and byopsy for my father), set my mind on positive, get into my normal Zen and than see in a couple of weeks if kids are better too.


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