Are you applying to the top academic schools for your children?

If you are planning to apply to the top academic schools in London, you will be going through assessment of your 3 years old children.  It is a difficult job to choose the right student for the school among tiny toddlers but there are some qualities and skills that the schools are looking for. 

Some of them are natural such as curiosity and some of them parents can help to develop such as ability to listen.  The workshop that we run at 3 House Club, St. John's Wood on 4+ assessments (December 8, Tue, 19:00) is structured in a way that gives parents a framework how gradually to work with your child not only to prepare him/her for the assessment process but also to give children skills to be effective and curious learner. 

Dr. Cara's workshops are run in a small group (6-8 people) and are recommended not only for the parents whose children are going through the assessment this year, but even more so for those whose children are around 2 years old as the parents have the greatest window of opportunity to give the foundation for their children's learning skills. 

Please see the event details here.

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