9 Habits of Learning for Your Child

You may be surprised by my choice for this week’s blog considering we are off for the summer holidays, but I think summer is the best time to teach your children as a parent.

Not only children are rested and more perceptive but I also spend more time with as we are all on holidays.

I am not talking about teaching your children maths or English over the summer but using the break to teach them the skills of learning through playing and fun activities.

I got inspired by my son’s school that talks about 9 Habits of Learning: resilience, reflection, creativity, curiosity, independence, participation, precision, organisation, and risk taking. 

The Hall School Learning Habits

I am sure you have your own ideas how to boost each of those skills but if you would like a bit of inspiration, here are my projects.

Resilience: I am trying to come out with a project that it is slightly above my child’s ability. My daughter come to 3 House Club for the ballet class on Saturday and Ms Alex put a challenge to the girls to learn doing the split.  My son wants to write a code for a full game that can be played by other children. Younger kids can put a summer challenge to learn how to do their laces, make a rainbow flick with a football etc. For myself, I promised to run two mornings per week.

Reflection: it is a skill that I am not very good at as I always find myself rushing though a day without pausing and reflecting. My husband has started using Headspace app with the kids to introduce meditation which is a great way to pause and reflect. I do it in a more simple day but before going to sleep we all have a chat together about the day that pass to see what went well, what did not and what we can do better tomorrow. It takes only 10 min but it is amazing how helpful it is for myself to have this talk about my day with the children.  

Creativity: as my children are 7 and 10 yrs old, they want to make a stop motion cartoon over the summer but we will also still enjoy simple things like plasticine, building sand castles and making art.  

Curiosity: I am trying to pick up an area that kids are interested in and investigate it more.  My daughter loves art, that is why I prepare quests when we go to the museum to find out interesting things about the collections (see my blogs about the Louvre and Uffizi Gallery) to nourish her curiosity about the art. As my boys prefers outdoor activities, we will try to get more curios about sea life and record all species we meet on the beach and find interested facts about those (fish, molluscs, plants) by keeping a special summer journal.

Independence: I found that involving children into house chores is the best way to develop their independence. For the little kids, putting their own shoes or tidying up the toys, while my two children will be making the bed and clearing the table after the meals as a new challenge for the summer (shame on me as a parent that they are still not doing it, but here I said it in the open).

Participation: I just make sure children have opportunities to play with other children they meet on the beech/playgrounds/etc so they learn to navigate relationship with other kids.

Precision: Hama Beads is a great way to learn concentration, or embroidery if your children are old enough.  Younger children can do lacing (e.g. Creation Station Transport Lacing Shapes).

Organisation: my favourite one is for my children to plan and make one meal per week (the idea came from y Greek friend). My children choose a recipe, write the shopping list, come with me shopping, cooking and setting up the table. Little kids can set the table for the family meal as a start.

Risk taking: putting yourself into uncomfortable situation does stretch one selves’ abilities.  For my girl, it is speaking to the adults she does not know (she will try to buy ice-creams herself during the summer). My son put himself a challenge to dive head first into the pool from a high trampling.

So developing 9 habits of learning these summer seems quite fun for all three of us.

I would love to hear back from you what do you think about those learning skills and how you boost them with your children.

See also a link here to our latest newsletter with updated September schedule of classes at 3 House Club as well as special discount for flexible class pass. 

anya abdulakh